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What I Learned From “The Greats”

Don’t reinvent the wheel!

By Van Mueller

I have studied all the greats, like John Savage, Ben Feldman, Roger Zener and Tom Wolff, for two very important reasons:

First, I wanted to learn the things I needed to be successful—fast. The greats have made all the mistakes it is possible to make and have refined their processes down to the core of what makes an agent successful. That means I don’t have to waste time making those mistakes. I can begin using the very essence of what made them successful immediately. What an awesome opportunity—if agents would only take advantage of it instead of always trying to reinvent the wheel.

Second, what is so amazing about all the greats is how different they all are. Yet, they use very similar methodologies to be successful. That was what was so eye-opening to me. It is not your circumstance that makes you successful. It is not where you live, or how old you are or how “connected” you are. It is and always has been about using proven professional methodologies to become excellent. That is why the greats are so valuable: They prove that anyone can be one of the greats.

Van Mueller, is a 16-year MDRT Top of the Table member and a member of NAIFA-Southeastern Wisconsin. You can contact him at 262-717-6102.

Don't miss out Mueller's podcast, “Taking Your Business to the Next Level.”

To read a collection of Tom Wolff’s wisdom, be sure to check out his book: Sales Success the Tom Wolff Way.


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