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Articles about Disability Income Health Insurance

  • Selling DI Insurance Today
    July 2009
    To boost your chances of making a sale, package DI insurance with other absence-management services.

  • A DI Action Plan
    May 2007
    The need couldn’t be clearer, and the opportunities greater, for selling DI insurance—here’s your chance to reach this largely untapped marketplace.

  • Time to Think Differently
    March 2007
    Reaching the new DI insurance buyer requires that you explore new strategies.

  • Selling DI at the Workplace
    January 2007
    Help your business clients understand that they need to cover everyone equally and that DI coverage is as important as life insurance.

  • Practice What You Preach
    September 2006
    Having a comprehensive financial plan in place saved this advisor when tragedy struck.

  • Double Protection
    August 2004
    This realLIFEstory proves the value of disability income insurance.

  • Timing Is Everything
    June 2004
    Before heading home, one young man buys a DI policy, then puts it to quick use.

  • Insure the Goose
    April 2004
    Disability income insurance must be a part of every plan.

  • Adding Disability to Your Business
    February 2004
    Here are some tips on offering disability income and critical illness insurance to your clients.

  • Preparing the Young
    January 2004
    Thanks to insurance, one agent had the satisfaction of stopping tragedy in its tracks.

  • Anatomy of a DI Claim
    October 2003
    A veteran agent learns something about human nature and discovers a service tip while filing a routine DI claim.

  • Speak No DI, Hear No DI, See No DI
    May 2002
    Most advisors don’t sell disability income insurance—and leave a lucrative market untapped.

  • Dealing With Disability Claim Denial
    August 1999
    Most DI companies are finding that claim outgo is exceeding their income, from both premiums and return on investment.

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