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Articles about Multiline

  • Seven Strategies to Boost Production
    June 2010
    Start by converting your customers.

  • Working Smart
    March 2010
    Find out how you can increase your productivity as well as your company’s bottom line.

  • Your Best Prospect
    September 2007
    He’s right at your fingertips, in your client file, and his name is Mr. Business Owner.

  • A Multiline Agent’s Three Must-Dos
    December 2006
    Scott Foster’s not just any multiline agent, he’s also an MDRT member. He offers three tips for you to get there, too.

  • Going Farr
    October 2006
    Many new multiline agents fail, while others succeed. Why? For answers, check out a day in the life of one top producer, 31-year-old Paul Farr. By Lisa Singh

  • The Big Talk
    August 2006
    Here are a few tips to steer your talks with multiline clients toward life insurance.

  • Follow the Form to Win Sales
    June 2006
    Use this personal liability worksheet as an entry point into future sales.

  • Client Conversion
    March 2006
    One agent shares how she gets her P/C clients to think about life insurance.

  • The Multiline Advantage
    January 2006
    Cross-selling will put you on the right path toward building a profitable practice.

  • Solving Multiline Insurance Burnout
    December 2004
    Multiline agents can sell so much insurance they may be burned out by the time they get around to life and health. Here?s how to avoid this tendency.

  • Just a Quick Note
    October 2004
    Writing personal notes to clients can help the multiline producer stay at the top of his game.

  • Turn Up the Heat
    June 2004
    Some sales reps have forgotten the basics of selling. Brush up on the fundamentals.

  • The Model of Success
    February 2004
    Learn how to move your multiline practice to the next level.

  • The DNA of Successful Multiline Agencies
    July 2003
    Learn common characteristics of successful multiline agents.

  • Going for Gold
    August 2002
    An agency contact rep ensures consistent client contact and helps put you back in the driver's seat.

  • On the Road to Multiline Success
    June 2002
    For health insurance advisors, success means acquiring technical expertise, seeking affordable solutions, building strategic alliances and staying politically active.

  • Building a Better Agency
    June 2001
    Growing a multiline agency demands thinking holistically about the enterprise.

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