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Articles about Whole Life Insurance

  • Filling the Financial Gap
    March 2010
    Use life insurance to help business owners rebuild their retirement capital.

  • A Financial Rx
    December 2009
    Life insurance can help clients who have suffered losses rebuild their wealth.

  • More Advice on Getting That Life Sale (for Multiliners!)
    September 2009
    Here are four don’ts you need to heed if you want to sell more life insurance.

  • The Income-Tax Treatment of Life Insurance
    July 2007
    It is important to know how certain tax benefits come into play with death proceeds and living benefits.

  • Life, These Days
    July 2007
    Reach out to clients with products designed to meet their present needs.

  • Determining the Appropriate Amount of Life Insurance
    May 2007
    Ensure you are properly meeting your client’s needs by understanding which approach to employ.By Glenn E. Stevick Jr., CLU, ChFC, LUTCF

  • Building a Compelling Case for Permanent Insurance
    January 2007
    Consider these strategies for presenting the myriad benefits of life insurance—some of which you may not have considered.

  • The Case for Whole Life
    October 2006
    As newer products hit the market, it’s wise to remember the industry staple and what it does for your clients.

  • An Eye Toward the Future
    September 2006
    Life insurance delivers peace of mind to a young mother widowed at 23.

  • A Long Struggle
    September 2006
    Both life and health insurance ease the pain of a client’s loss.

  • The Next Big Thing
    October 2005
    The latest, hottest item on the market isn’t always the best product for your client.

  • A Man of Steel
    December 2004
    Even the strongest husbands and dads need life insurance.

  • Helping His Own
    September 2004
    This agent never expected to see his son?s life policy put to use.

  • Well Worth It
    July 2004
    Instead of replacing a policy, a client follows the advice of his advisor.

  • Charitable Life Insurance
    June 2004
    Find out how charitable organizations use life insurance to build endowments.

  • It Does Happen
    March 2004
    Planning ahead makes all the difference for a family and a business.

  • For the People Who Live
    March 2004
    The industry is starting to remember why life insurance is important—not for company bottom lines, but for countless other reasons.

  • Learning the Lesson of Persistence
    March 2003
    The death of a close family friend is made more painful by the ill-timed lapse of a life insurance policy.

  • How Much Life Insurance Is Enough?
    January 2002
    There are two common methods for calculating the answer.

  • A Holiday Letter
    December 2001
    With planning, life could be fulfilling again for those left behind.

  • What Child is This?
    November 1999
    When parents or other benefactors have enough assets to give to children, life insurance can be an effective accumulation vehicle.

  • A Case for Whole Life
    August 1999
    Variable life has been touted as the best life insurance product to use to build high cash values. However, over the long term, whole life is the better bet.

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